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I have trained with Radhika for over 8 years every single week- that should speak for itself!  What started off with physical therapy after a knee issue, became a lifestyle priority and choice to stay healthy and fit. What sets Radhika apart from the rest is her unique skill to be in tune to your body and ability to incorporate  fitness into your busy lifestyle as well as integrate yoga and cardio and science together. While I did lose a lot of weight and body fat, my flexibility and energy levels for my lifestyle are the highest. She is also practical unlike your run of the gym, where you can do extreme unrealistic workouts that are unsustainable. She manages expectations and goals - be it health related, lifestyle or weight loss. She creates a realistic plan and strategy that is customized and personalized to each ones  individual situation. She is a winner!

              - Kishore B.
               Cancer Center, Principle

Radhika has been working with me for several years now. I have multiple health and structural issues, including Ehlers Danlos disease and congenital scoliosis, which has led to widespread arthritis, total knee replacements, and issues like obesity, frozen shoulder, nerve impingements and slipped rib syndrome. Before I started working with Radhika, I had gone from using a cane, to arm crutches, to a wheelchair.  She helped me to strengthen before my surgeries, and to maximize my recovery, and then to teach my spine and body to be vertical, to walk and hold my posture more correctly, and to exercise for strength and flexibility and progress without hurting myself and setting myself back.  

Radhika is not only a gifted therapeutic exercise physiologist, who incorporates a variety of appropriate modalities, but she is also naturally accepting, encouraging, and has the perfect blend of pushing hard enough but neither pushing you too hard nor letting you push yourself unsafely hard. I have made and continue to make tremendous progress - and I would say the highest praise is that for this lifelong exercise hater (due to pain and frustration) I really look forward to my sessions with Radhika!

     -Susan W.

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