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In-Home or In-Office Personal Training

Personal training with Tula Mind Body is far more than being handed weights and being told to do a million squat presses and burpees.

It’s about uncovering the nuances of how your body works, together. It’s teaching you exactly how YOUR body works so that when your sciatica kicks in 2 miles into your walk or run, you know exactly what to do. It’s helping you feel confident that one day, you could do all of this on your own. Of course, we love keeping you accountable and that’s what we’re here for too, but just knowing that you could do it all on your own if you wanted to …. now that feels spectacular.

When you work with us, you’re in the hands of someone who actually cares that you didn’t sleep well last night. We care that your left elbow is sore from cradling your sleeping 6-month old. We care that your back is achy because you sat on a plane for 14 hours straight yesterday.

These may seem like inconsequential ‘gripes’ to you, but to us, they are little gems of insight into how your body is working for you – and how it’s not. The best part is, we know exactly what to do with them (and can teach you too). It doesn’t matter if one day is completely different than the next or that you ate too much last night. Throw anything at us, and we’ll be right there for you.

No judgement, no stress, no equipment required, and lots of laughing.

We offer 1 Hour or 45 Minute long in-home sessions.

In-home or In-Office Partner/Small Group Training

Partner training or small group training offers a lot of the benefits of an individualized training program. You not only share the workout with a partner, you also share the cost. That will not only save you money, but it will also give you that extra motivation needed for your workouts.

Our partner and small group training programs include resistance training, high intensity cardiovascular workouts, as well as yoga. If you are training with a friend, a spouse, family members, or coworkers, you are more likely to stay on track and stay motivated since you have someone to share your journey with.

We can come into your home and train your whole family or we can come into your work and teach a yoga class to your whole department.


We offer 1 Hour or 45 Minute long in-home or in-office Group/Partner sessions.

On Site Personal Training

At Tula Mind Body we know that sometimes you just need to get out of the house to escape the kids or long list of chores to be done to maximize your session and to achieve maximal results. We are currently renting space from Ann Pelino Intigrative Fitness a beautiful studio in Madison, NJ. 



Nutrition Counseling

A great nutrition plan should leave you looking and feeling great. Through personalized nutritional counseling during personal training sessions, we will create an easy to follow meal plan tailored to your goals and lifestyle.

“Let thy food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”




We know your habitual body patterns well. Sometimes better than you do.

We know your left shoulder hikes up higher than the right in Warrior 2. We know sometimes your left big toe cramps when you do Downward Dog. We know your mind loves to focus on that 10 o’clock management meeting whenever it has the chance. We know a little bit of silence can lead your brain down a rabbit hole of thoughts.

The good news is, we also know exactly how to un-kink, un-cramp and un-ravel almost anything you bring to the mat on any given day. The more you un-kink your body, the more your mind will un-kink too.

At Tula Mind Body, we teach yoga one-on-one or in small groups, as ancient yogis did, to give you a chance to explore each asana (posture) as it is in YOUR body and to help you discover a keen sense of awareness in your mind.


Yoga Classes

Radhika teaches weekly classes at Dhyana Yoga Arts in Chester, NJ. Her class schedule is as follows:

Tuesdays 8:15 - 9:15am: Open level flow

Tuesdays 7:45 - 8:45pm: Basics

Thursday 6:00 - 7:15pm: Open level flow

Sundays 8:30 - 9:45am: Open level flow

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